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Partnership with Women in Tech

Diversity is a cornerstone of our organization and we believe it is our responsibility to take swift action in mitigating the gender imbalance that currently exists in the tech industry. Therefore, we are proud to announce a new program, created in partnership with Women in Tech® Portugal, aimed at upskilling women from any background in software testing positions.

We need more talent in the tech industry and, in the words of our CEO Diogo Oliveira, we must "include more women in technology areas, bringing diverse backgrounds. In this programme, we focused on eliminating barriers to accessing training, namely training costs and the uncertainty of future placement in the industry. We are creating opportunities for this group of new professionals in technology to start the process of building rewarding careers".We believe this new program, TestHERs, will benefit not only the women who participate in it, but the entire tech industry as we work to create a more equitable future.


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