We are Hexa Engineering and we help our partners grow providing Information and Technology services.


Hexa Engineering is an innovative IT company dedicated to providing comprehensive infrastructure, managed services, and custom IT solutions to our partners’ unique needs. Our mission is to create exceptional value through cutting-edge IT solutions, with a strong emphasis on security and compliance to ensure the integrity and resilience of our partners’ operations.


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Value Creation Through IT

At Hexa Engineering, we believe that technology should serve as a catalyst for innovation and progress. Our solutions are crafted not just to solve immediate challenges but to unlock new opportunities and drive long-term success for our partners.
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Partnership Approach

We view our clients as partners, working hand-in-hand to achieve shared goals. Our commitment to collaboration ensures that we understand your business inside and out, enabling us to deliver solutions that truly make a difference.
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Ready to Elevate Your IT?

Contact Hexa Engineering today to discover how our IT solutions can transform your business and fortify your digital future.
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Infrastructure Solutions
We design and implement robust IT infrastructures that are scalable, reliable, and ready to meet the demands of any business environment.
Managed Services
Our team offers proactive monitoring, maintenance, and support to optimize your IT operations and minimize downtime.
Custom IT Solutions
We collaborate closely with our partners to develop IT solutions that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and support strategic objectives.
Security Focus
Understanding the critical importance of security in IT, Hexa Engineering integrates technologies to protect against cyber threats., safeguard your data, maintain compliance and foster trust with your clients.
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We know the IT market and have experience in it


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André Correia


Diogo Oliveira

International Business Director

Michael Mesquita

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Marlise Mesquita


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"For me it is a great privilege to have been with Hexa since its beginning, watching it grow and its first achievements. Despite the natural uncertainty in joining a newly born company, everyone’s accessibility, transparency and professionalism gave me the confidence needed to accept the challenge, and today I am so glad I did it. Being part of this excellent team is an honor and I am grateful for all the learning and experiences Hexa has provided me. This company is made up of extremely responsible, competent and understanding people, qualities that will certainly allow us to keep progressing on the path of success."
Beatriz Jacob Consultant at Telecommunications sector
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"Challenge, Growth and Unity are the key words that, in my opinion, summarize my daily routine at Hexa. Our ability to join forces towards the same goal has allowed this growth, and I’m very proud to be part of this project since the beginning."
Joana Cameira Manager
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