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We are Hexa People and we help our partners to grow in Information and Technology sector


Be a reference and a representative part in people’s lives, creating meaningful experiences for our employees, candidates and partners.


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At Hexa People, we are powered by people and driven by technology. We are founded on the belief that recruitment companies should use their position in the marketplace to help promote diverse hiring strategies and inclusive company cultures. So, our focus is finding exceptional candidates for the exceptional organizations that trusts us their recruitment, and we always do it with utmost empathy - after all we're in this because we love making people happy and fulfilled!
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Information and Technology

We're passionate about what we do, and this commitment and passion runs deep through our core sector: Information and Technology. We already have an impact in some people’s lives, by placing talented individuals in the best roles for the best partners we could have!
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Make it Personal

Here at Hexa People we build long-term relationships to support careers in Information and Technology market, and we strongly believe the journey starts with the  people we meet. We go above and beyond for our partners and candidates, providing a service built on strong ethics, expert knowledge, and unrivalled passion. We always "make it personal", it's never just business!
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Specialized Recruiting
We know the IT market and have proven experience in it, so we can provide the most suitable candidates for our partners’ projects, assuring that technical and behavioral skills are a perfect match.
RPO Solutions
We are committed with our partners to find the best talent in the IT sector, assuring a team 100% focused and dedicated.
Tech Academies
With Hexa Consulting, we identify, hire and train talent in the IT sector, and we then integrate them in our partners.
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Say hello to the team behind hexa people

Head of Talent Acquisition

Diogo Santos

Managing Director

Joana Monteiro

Head of Business Development

Cláudia Sá

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"In such a competitive and challenging market, we deeply trust in Hexa to find the best talents in IT. In our partnership, they show to be knowledgeable about emerging technologies and to have a great capacity to achieve high quality results in a short period of time. In addition to their technical expertise, they demonstrate a great understanding of our culture at VWDS, which translates into getting the best talents to our teams."
Letícia Ferreira, Talent Acquisition @ Volkswagen Digital Solutions
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"The best thing about Hexa People is that we are all driven by the same culture: People First. It has provided me with an opportunity to explore my best skills while working as part of a team that values differences and individual characteristics. As an RPO consultant, I have contributed to new solutions for clients while remaining true to the Hexa People culture, and that's been great”
Fernando Ngola, Tech Recruiter
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"I would like to thank you immensely for all the support, partnership, and engagement to make everything run as smoothly as possible during my recruiting process. In the end, I was approved and I couldn’t be happier!
I had been actively looking for an opportunity like this for some time, but it never worked out for some reason. Either the opportunity wasn't interesting for my career when I had details about it, or the company didn't follow through.
The fact is that I was employed in a very comfortable position, and you found me at an extremely opportune moment with a golden opportunity.
I want to thank you for your kindness, agility, and effectiveness from the first contact to the last step with the company. I have been in Portugal for 4 years and have participated in several processes, and this one was undoubtedly the best of all.
Thank you, Hexa People for helping me progress in my career.”
Sílvio Cressoni, .Net Developer
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