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We are Hexa People, an Hexa Group brand. As the specialized recruitment hub, we help our partners by finding the best resources for their teams, and we do it with upmost dedication. Although it might sound "cliché", we do believe in connecting people with the job of their dreams - and we think this might be the one for you!
What you can expect
Our client is a pioneering technology company that has carved a distinctive niche in the field of Mobility services. As an industry leader, our client specializes in creating innovative solutions that transform the way people experience mobility in modern urban environments. With a firm commitment to enhancing urban mobility ecosystems, our client combines cutting-edge technology with forward-thinking strategies to create seamless and efficient mobility solutions.
What you will be doing
  • Offering teams insightful guidance on the best practices for web development architecture, elevating the quality of our solutions.
  • Conceiving and executing technical solutions that seamlessly align with business objectives, empowering the evolution of our offerings.
  • Strive for excellence by consistently enhancing development and quality practices, encompassing aspects such as code quality, testing methodologies, and release management.
  • Maintaining a vigilant stance, always seeking avenues to refine monitoring capabilities, identify potential issues, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.
What you will bring
  • Possess a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related field, or demonstrate equivalent hands-on experience.
  • Leverage a robust engineering background, fortified by a minimum of 8 years' industry involvement.
  • Showcase a proven track record of technical leadership that highlights your capacity to lead and inspire.
  • Exhibit exceptional analytical and problem-solving acumen, demonstrating your capability to navigate complex challenges.
  • Thrive in agile environments and possess hands-on familiarity with continuous delivery practices.
  • Command a comprehensive understanding of design patterns and development best practices.
  • Boast practical experience with microservices-oriented architectures, especially within high-traffic website contexts.
  • Display substantial proficiency in one or more programming environments, such as .NET, Spring Boot, Angular, or ReactJs.
  • Communicate fluently in professional English, both written and spoken.

Additional Skills (nice to have)

  • Possess experience in developing and maintaining Content Management Systems, reflecting your ability to optimize content delivery.
  • Exhibit adeptness in designing and implementing distributed systems, showcasing your grasp of scalable architecture.
  • Display proficiency in working with design systems, underscoring your commitment to efficient and cohesive design.
  • Showcase hands-on familiarity with advanced technologies like AWS, Kubernetes, and Kafka, exemplifying your adaptability and modern technical prowess.

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